Deciding to be a Leader

In a recent survey, over half of respondents said that they had increased responsibility and visibility, or that their role has grown substantially over the past year. The challenge for many remains – what to do with this opportunity?

Are you the person in the room who knew about PPE prior to 2020, and suddenly has valued expertise and perspective? Maybe you’re suddenly in the spotlight and being asked about when the office can reopen. But what about 2021 planning, future PPE budgets, the climate change adaptation clock that’s ticking and that D&I policy that’s still being neglected?

Senior management doesn’t necessarily know what needs to be done. Top leadership looks to rising leaders for insight and action plans. 

Now that the status quo has already been disrupted, there may be less resistance to breaking existing patterns – and there may even be active desire for new approaches. 

Deciding to be a leader means speaking out about what matters now, and for the road ahead – not just reacting to the questions that you happen to be asked. 

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