It’s time to become constructively disruptive

I finally wrote the article I probably should have written years ago. It ran on on October 4: “It’s time to become constructively disruptive”. It’s a challenge to the whole ESG/Sustainability profession, both in industry and in consulting. Above all, it’s probably a challenge to myself.

The article emerged as I sat in Santa Fe NM in August, watching our beautiful clear turquoise sky befouled by smoke from wildfires. It was refined through a process that included my colleague Steve Hellem, Executive Director of GEMI, bluntly challenging me to articulate what people can really do, rather than wallowing in self-flagellation.

The sun rises over the Sangre de Cristo mountains, both mountains and sky obscured by smoke from wildfires in multiple western states.

It was also refined through the process of the Jewish High Holy Days. That helped remind me that while I cannot go back in time and change actions that I now regret, I can act now in such a way that I have less to regret in the future. Or, as the Neo-Talmudic sage Willie Nelson wrote: “I could cry about the time I’ve wasted, but that’s a waste of time and tears.”

Looking at climate change, we don’t have the luxury of time and tears. We have to act now. Please take a look at the article and let me know your thoughts. And if you think the message is worth sharing, please send it on to others, or find it on LinkedIn at  and like/comment/share.

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