Honest Climate Strategy

“It’s time we  get more honest about climate strategies. Climate reporting, transparency and accountability are important, but what matters most is the substance underneath – and whether we’re facing the climate challenge honestly and addressing it meaningfully.

“More companies are making climate pledges about their climate ambitions every day. Some pledges are framed in terms of percentage reduction goals. Others take the form of setting a date when a company will be “net zero” or “carbon neutral.” Still others are identified are science-based targets. For too many companies, these pledges have one or more “honesty” flaws

“Pretending you’re ready for climate change, if you’re not, is just another form of climate denial.

“Make climate a business solution instead of a legal or reputation problem. Get your senior management in the room and start working on climate with them – honestly.”

Please see my new article on GreenBiz.com:It’s time we all get more honest about climate strategies.”

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