Start 2023 right: 5 Honest ESG Resolutions

1. Stay focused

The answer’s not blowing in the winds – and in 2023 there’s going to be a lot of head winds and tail winds. You’re going to hear claims that ESG is salvation and that ESG is the devil. You’ll see new issues, challenges that advocates will claim are “the next big thing”. Be prepared for disruptions and to make adjustments. But focus on what’s important, set a course based on that, and stay on your course (with smart flexibility).

2. Protect and create value

This could be a tough year economically. Be aware, but don’t let distractors and scare mongers keep you up at night. Focus on the real risks and opportunities for your company. What do you need to do now to protect and create value, now and in the future?

3. Build and strengthen your partnerships and collaborations – both internally and externally

You can’t do everything  alone. Enlist, engage and respect your partners, both inside your organization and outside. Share the work, and especially share the credit for success. 

4. Less reporting, more doing

Transparency and accountability are good and necessary. Spending more time and resources talking about what you do than actually doing it is bad. 

5. Protect your credibility

If people can’t trust you and your company, nothing else matters. My colleague Steve Hellem sums this up neatly: “Credibility and honesty are the ‘north stars’ of ESG progress.” Promise less and do more. If your company has made a big ambitious commitment without knowing how you’ll get there, (a) be honest about the situation and (b) figure out how you will start delivering on those commitments. 

If you stick with these five resolutions in 2023, it will be a much better year for you, your programs, your company and your career.

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