CoachingCoaching is about helping other people succeed.  Whether working with individuals or teams, coaching requires listening and questioning.  Sometimes coaching is about helping people find their path to success, while other times the real question is figuring out what would constitute success.  Often coaching brings to the surface difficult trade-offs among companies and communities, careers and personal lives. At times, coaching helps individuals learn how to lead from below. Sometimes, coaching is just providing a safe place to vent.


  • Coaching for individuals around jobs, roles and careers
  • Coaching executives on building and managing their teams
  • Coaching teams to improve effectiveness
  • Interventions to break logjams, reverse declines or achieve break-throughs


  • Coached multiple business unit heads in global B2B company across North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia
  • Long-term coaching relationships with clients in wide range of industries over periods as long as 15-20 years, including coaching clients from Project Manager up to VP and Senior VP roles
  • Successful one-time interventions to diagnose and resolve conflicts in multinational client and project teams