Facilitation sqFacilitation enables groups to function effectively, creating positive outcomes and experiences that would be difficult to achieve without outside help.  Participants bring great knowledge and experience into sessions, but they also bring a lot of baggage with them: personal, political, professional and emotional.  Effective facilitation helps them set aside the baggage, apply their insights and produce great outcomes. Equally importantly, effective facilitation creates a positive experience that promotes participants’ commitment to group outcomes and improves the group’s on-going ability to work together.


  • Meeting facilitation
  • Meeting design
  • Facilitator training

Sample experience:

  • Managed stakeholder meetings including angry coal miners, frustrated farmers, indignant communities.
  • Designed and facilitated client-focused Business Innovation Forums for corporate EHS/Sustainability leaders in North America, Asia, and Europe.
  • Designed and facilitated Board sessions for both for-profit and non-profit organizations.
  • Facilitated interdisciplinary teams to develop coherent service offerings and marketing strategies
  • Facilitated many multi-company sessions with (and served as Co-Chair of) The Conference Board Chief EHS Officers’ Council. Facilitated multi-stakeholder sessions with the US Business Council for Sustainable Development.