Private Equity Support

Private equity (PE) manages an increasingly important part of the economy, with $2.5 trillion in assets under management globally – twice the amount of a decade ago. PE firms vary in the level of hands-on management expertise and experience they carry as an on-going capability. Some PE firms choose to supplement their own strengths with opportunity-specific outside resources who can provide insights into particular markets, products or services, or management challenges.


Nadler Strategy supports PE firms in the B2B professional services sector and in environment/sustainability related fields. Specific services include:

  • Management/business review pre-acquisition
  • Management oversight
  • Focused intervention during ownership period to protect and maximize value

These services are shaped by insights from having been on both sides of the table. As Global Director-Client Service of a firm with a major PE investor, Scott Nadler helped implement PE financing and meet PE expectations (including conducting over two dozen internal management assessments and/or interventions to improve Business Unit operations). Later as Strategy Development Director for the firm, he helped lead the company through and out of the recession and prepare for a successful PE refinancing at 77% over the company’s prior value. (Implementation of that strategy later led to another PE financing at 79% over the preceding deal’s value.) Engagements with PE firms and service as Non-Executive Director of a start-up firm have provided additional insights from the investor perspective, including into the complex relationships between management and Boards.

Examples (references available upon request):

  • Pre-acquisition review of manufacturing firm including participation in management presentation to PE
  • Intervention in troubled professional services firm after PE removed management to turn around long-term sales decline