Focus: EHS & Sustainability Review

Corporate Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) and Sustainability leaders have tough jobs.  They have to be managers, regulators, high-performing service providers, teachers and evangelists. Their bosses and peers often don’t know what they do. Direction from the Board of Directors and the C-suite is often minimal (until after something goes wrong). Some EHS&S leaders have earned the right to be seen by the business as valued resources or trusted partners. Others, though, are still viewed by the business as a necessary evil – or worse.

In these challenging roles, even veteran EHS&S leaders can feel a need to refresh their perspective and programs. Companies merge or split up, executives change, opportunities and risks evolve and new ones emerge. New technologies provide new tools and demands. Staffing issues and succession need attention. Great internal regulators may now need to become a high-performing service team. What worked before may no longer be what’s needed for the future.  It may be time for a fresh look.

New EHS&S leaders have an even bigger challenge. Some EHS&S leaders come from technical EHS backgrounds with little preparation for their business and strategic roles. Others come from other business functions, and are wary of EHS&S’ hard-to-measure outcomes, technical details and mind-numbing acronyms and jargon.  Increasingly, Sustainability leaders may come from marketing, communication or NGO backgrounds with less exposure to operational requirements and assurance processes. For all these new EHS&S leaders, it is essential to develop an overview and direction before being sucked into details, projects and crises.

Nadler Strategy’s EHS&S Review provides that fresh look for both veterans and new leaders. It focuses on the four key questions:

  1. What does my company need from my function?
  2. Once I’ve figured that out (or updated it), how do I sell that answer to Senior Management?
  3. Once I’ve sold Senior Management on the answer, how do I organize and manage my resources to deliver it?
  4. Through it all, how do I assure that we’re really delivering what the company needs?

EHS&S Review

In a focused series of workshops and supporting analysis, Nadler Strategy can help EHS&S leaders get that fresh look.  This is no cut-and-paste exercise, imposing solutions from other companies. The EHS&S Review recognizes each leader’s unique circumstances at this time in their company and career. It draws on Scott Nadler’s own experience building and leading the function as well as over 20 years’ experience in helping EHS&S leaders build and implement successful programs – and careers.

For more detailed reviews, Nadler Strategy LLC can partner with a number of other partner organizations (including consulting and law firms) to provide additional resources and skills.