SustainabilityWe face pressing needs to improve economic development while promoting – rather than degrading – environmental quality and social fairness and cohesion. Progress in sustainability requires a strategic approach, understanding of complex issues and an appreciation for stakeholders’ divergent perspectives.

In this context, Corporate Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) and Sustainability leaders have tough jobs.  They have to be managers, regulators, high-performing service providers, teachers and evangelists. Their bosses and peers often don’t know what they do. Direction from the Board of Directors and the C-suite is often minimal (until after something goes wrong). Some EHS&S leaders have earned the right to be seen by the business as valued resources or trusted partners. Others, though, are still viewed by the business as a necessary evil – or worse.


  • Sustainability strategy for business
  • Materiality analysis
  • Organizational consulting and executive coaching for leaders with responsibility for environment, health, safety and sustainability
  • Market/business support for sustainability innovators/entrepreneurs

Sample experience:

  • Negotiated break-through in state brownfields development legislation to slow urban sprawl and encourage redevelopment in depressed urban areas, bringing together conservative legislators, environmental NGOs and major property owners.
  • Created corporate environmental program directly tied to long-term competitive advantage of the business.
  • Advised multiple industry clients on how sustainability could fit with “the business of the business,” engaging senior management and driving improvements in product development, marketing, operations, sourcing and strategic partnerships.
  • Long-term coaching relationships with corporate EHS&S leaders, over periods as long as 15-20 years, including coaching clients from Project Manager up to VP and Senior VP roles
  • Support reviews and updates of corporate sustainability programs in light of new realities in public policy, investor expectations and consumer preferences.
  • US Business Council for Sustainable Development: Executive Committee member, 2011-15; Program Director, 2015-2018. Designed and led strategic planning process including engagement with US BCSD members, other businesses and non-business stakeholders.