Emerging Sustainability Leadership
Virtual Workshops, August-December 2021

Sustainable Disruption Project
Virtual Workshops, August-November 2021

Inconvenient Founders: Thomas Young and the Forgotten Disrupters of the American Revolution
History Camp America
Webinar, July 2021

Business Adaptation Project (Africa): Finance Sector
IBIS ESG Consulting
Virtual Workshops, May-June 2021

Future Forces that Will Disrupt Sustainable Business
GEMI/Institute for the Future
Webinar, August 2020

Gulf Coast Carbon Collective – Quarterly Working Meeting
US Business Council for Sustainable Development
Virtual workshop, April 2020

Business Adaptation Project – Africa 
IBIS ESG Consulting
Virtual Workshops, April-May 2020

Gulf Coast Carbon Collective – Planning Workshop 
US Business Council for Sustainable Development
New Orleans, December 2019

Business Adaptation Project – US 
Chicago Workshop, May 2019; Philadelphia Workshop, November 2019

Expanding the Circle
US BCSD/Ohio State University Sustainable and Resilient Economy
Columbus OH, July 2017

Sustainability Curriculum Consortium: Faculty Conference 2017
Philadelphia PA, June 2017
Panelist: “Sustainability – The View from Outside the Academy”

GEMI Workshop on Supply Chain Sustainability Solutions
Washington DC, June 2017
Keynote speaker

Making Markets, Moving Markets
US BCSD/Duke EDGE Center for Energy, Development and the Global Environment
Durham NC, January 2017

21st Design for Manufacturing and the Life Cycle Conference (DFMLC)
Charlotte NC, August 23, 2016
Panelist: “The Materials Marketplace: Closing the loop to advance a new economy”

Pathways to Scale: US BCSD/WBCSD/Yale Center for Business and the Environment
New Haven CT, June 2016
Event moderator, session leader

SustPack 2016
Chicago IL, April 13, 2016
Panelist: “Establishing Circular Supply Chains – Scaling Up the Materials Marketplace”

The Circular Economy: Regulatory and Commercial Law Implications 
Washington DC, February 23, 2016
Panelist: “Three Faces of the “Circular Economy” Concept”

Micro-Forum for Environmental, Health, Safety & Sustainability Leaders
Chicago IL, November 12-13, 2015

Sustainable Performance Forum Americas 2015
Chicago IL, September 2015.
Keynote Panelist: “EH&S, Operational Excellence, Financial Performance and Sustainability”

Collaborating to Achieve Scale: US BCSD/WBCSD/Yale Center for Business and the Environment
New Haven CT, July 2015
Session design and break-out facilitation

Sustainable Performance Forum Americas 2014
Chicago IL, September 2014.
Keynote Panelist: “The Strategic Framework: Managing Risk, Performance and Compliance to Deliver Business Value”

Enhancing Strategic Decision Making on Environmental, Health, Safety (EHS) and Sustainability Issues
Johannesburg, South Africa, March 2014; Cape Town, South Africa, 13 March 2014
Led executive briefing and round-table discussions sponsored jointly by National Business Initiative (NBI) and ERM

US Business Council for Sustainable Development: Annual Meeting 2014 at The University of Texas at Austin
Austin TX, February 2014.
Facilitated session: “Scale Up: From great projects to great impact”