“Bridging ESG Expectations and Performance”
GEMI Annual Meeting
Washington DC, December 2022

ESG Leadership Strategies
Suppliers Partnership for the Environment
Lexington KY, October 2022

Emerging Sustainability Leadership
Virtual Workshops, August 2021-December 2022

Sustainable Disruption Project
Virtual Workshops, August-November 2021

Inconvenient Founders: Thomas Young and the Forgotten Disrupters of the American Revolution
History Camp America
Webinar, July 2021

Business Adaptation Project (Africa): Finance Sector
IBIS ESG Consulting
Virtual Workshops, May-June 2021

Future Forces that Will Disrupt Sustainable Business
GEMI/Institute for the Future
Webinar, August 2020

Gulf Coast Carbon Collective – Quarterly Working Meeting
US Business Council for Sustainable Development
Virtual workshop, April 2020

Business Adaptation Project – Africa 
IBIS ESG Consulting
Virtual Workshops, April-May 2020

Gulf Coast Carbon Collective – Planning Workshop 
US Business Council for Sustainable Development
New Orleans, December 2019

Business Adaptation Project – US 
Chicago Workshop, May 2019; Philadelphia Workshop, November 2019

Expanding the Circle
US BCSD/Ohio State University Sustainable and Resilient Economy
Columbus OH, July 2017

Sustainability Curriculum Consortium: Faculty Conference 2017
Philadelphia PA, June 2017
Panelist: “Sustainability – The View from Outside the Academy”

GEMI Workshop on Supply Chain Sustainability Solutions
Washington DC, June 2017
Keynote speaker

Making Markets, Moving Markets
US BCSD/Duke EDGE Center for Energy, Development and the Global Environment
Durham NC, January 2017

21st Design for Manufacturing and the Life Cycle Conference (DFMLC)
Charlotte NC, August 23, 2016
Panelist: “The Materials Marketplace: Closing the loop to advance a new economy”

Pathways to Scale: US BCSD/WBCSD/Yale Center for Business and the Environment
New Haven CT, June 2016
Event moderator, session leader

SustPack 2016
Chicago IL, April 13, 2016
Panelist: “Establishing Circular Supply Chains – Scaling Up the Materials Marketplace”

The Circular Economy: Regulatory and Commercial Law Implications 
Washington DC, February 23, 2016
Panelist: “Three Faces of the “Circular Economy” Concept”

Micro-Forum for Environmental, Health, Safety & Sustainability Leaders
Chicago IL, November 12-13, 2015

Sustainable Performance Forum Americas 2015
Chicago IL, September 2015.
Keynote Panelist: “EH&S, Operational Excellence, Financial Performance and Sustainability”

Collaborating to Achieve Scale: US BCSD/WBCSD/Yale Center for Business and the Environment
New Haven CT, July 2015
Session design and break-out facilitation

Sustainable Performance Forum Americas 2014
Chicago IL, September 2014.
Keynote Panelist: “The Strategic Framework: Managing Risk, Performance and Compliance to Deliver Business Value”

Enhancing Strategic Decision Making on Environmental, Health, Safety (EHS) and Sustainability Issues
Johannesburg, South Africa, March 2014; Cape Town, South Africa, 13 March 2014
Led executive briefing and round-table discussions sponsored jointly by National Business Initiative (NBI) and ERM

US Business Council for Sustainable Development: Annual Meeting 2014 at The University of Texas at Austin
Austin TX, February 2014.
Facilitated session: “Scale Up: From great projects to great impact”