B2B Professional Services Firms

Business-to-business (B2B) professional services firms face unique challenges. Leaders (who are sometimes partners) juggle being thought leaders, practitioners, and operating managers. They bounce back and forth from being sellers to doers, from being externally client-focused to internally people-focused. Staff members often are recruited for technical skills yet expected to develop sales, client and leadership skills – while hitting their numbers every week. Increasingly cost-conscious customers push for price reductions, technology that can replace conventional services, and higher value for less. All while investors continue to look for returns and periodic liquidity.


Nadler Strategy supports leaders and investors in the B2B professional services sector. Specific services include:

  • Strategy review and development
  • Support for development of key market initiatives and internal processes
  • Focused intervention to understand and resolve critical issues or pursue major opportunities
  • Coaching for founders/directors, practice leaders, high-potential consultants

These services are shaped by insights from experience on every side of the B2B professional services world: client, practicing consultant, senior leadership of a global services provider, working with and for Private Equity investors in professional services, and serving as a Non-Executive Director.  Nadler Strategy engagements have included providers of environment and sustainability, safety, economic and social development services.

Examples (references available upon request):

  • Strategy development including process design, surveys/interviews, facilitation of key sessions, distillation of actionable outcomes
  • Development of strategic market initiative including facilitation across multiple disciplines, development of key messages and practical work plan, presentation to senior management
  • Intervention in troubled professional services firm after PE removed management to turn around long-term sales decline