Interesting reader responses to my New Year’s resolutions

Readers responded with some interesting comments on the New Year’s resolutions I posted.  In addition to some great replies posted on-line, here are some of my favorite comments that came in via email:

3. If you think you’re leading, make sure someone’s following.

  • “Number 3 evokes a comical visual.” [from a risk management director at a consumer products company]:

4. Don’t confuse reporting with doing.

Several emails echoed the posted comment that   “too much time spent chasing data to report has led to putting off long term strategizing”, including these:

  • “I liked #4 a lot as reporting can take an inordinate amount of time!”[VP sustainability, financial firm]
  •  “I also wish that we didn’t have the loud beat of a CSR/Sustainability report  right now – I think we are really on the cusp of getting somewhere but it’s so frustrating to be obligated both internally and externally.” [AVP Corporate Social Responsibility, transportation]

9. Remember both value and values.

This one provoked both agreement and disagreement:

  • “I strongly support your suggestions for 2012 resolutions, particularly the focus on values driving value.” [VP corporate social responsibility, apparel]
  • “Value/value perspective [particularly interesting], as I do believe that to be the truth – when I have chased one without the other – I have not succeeded.” [CEO, marketing]
  • “The one I’m not in favor of is #9 …. I’m a big proponent of sticking to a core set of values that drives all decisions and actions.  Your values need to be your ‘rudder’ and there will be times that it results in sacrificing value or $.  I don’t see value and values as equals.  The old adage – stick to your values carries a lot of weigh in my book.” [VP HSE, manufacturing]

10. Do better on your “work-work balance”.

  • “ No 10 is very amusing, through I have a few friends who should regret not spending more time in the office.” [Strategy director, sustainability events]
  • “I can certainly do a better job prioritizing work/life balance and I should not be sending emails at this late hour!” [VP corporate social responsibility, apparel]

The biggest challenge came from Wayne Henderson, in a posted comment: “We’ll look for a six month update on progress! Let’s see where we get to in June.”


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