Covid-19: Fresh Lessons for Climate

Covid-19 reminds us of lessons for managing climate challenges that hold true whether or not you’re working in “unprecedented” times:

  1. DO listen to the science
  2. DO believe the unthinkable can happen – and a lot more quickly than you think
  3. DO prepare
  4. DO NOT put it off
  5. DO consider second and third level impacts (eg it’s not the pandemic that shuts down your business, it’s the lockdown or your supplier’s lockdown)
  6. DO NOT rely on government
  7. DO NOT rely on insurance
  8. DO recognize how hard it is to model things that have never happened before
  9. DO NOT be surprised by anything said by people with other agendas
  10. DO look to partners for help

Does your organization get it? Is your organization using these lessons?

If someone at your organization could benefit from being reminded of these, please feel free to share this list (or share via LinkedIn). Not to mention your clients/customers, suppliers, partners…

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